3 Ways To Be Savvy When Booking Flights

How To Book The Cheapest Flight

Honestly, the best way to book the cheapest flight isn't by booking on the cheapest airline. It's simply being flexible. When you were flexible you can honestly get a cheaper flight. This might mean flying during the weekdays instead of flying on the weekend. Many people can't be flexible, because of the fact that they have to work. However, if you can plan your flight by leaving on a weekday or even on a weekend afternoon and possibly fly home a day early you can save sometimes up to $500 off of international flights even. There are other ways to book cheap flights...


Where To Look For Discounts

everyone's looking for a discount Airline, right? That's because the fact that all of these web sites and National Airlines have recently been publishing low fares. In the competitive market of low fare airfare you will find that there are also hidden discounts that you might not know about. Did you know that you can get coupon codes for Airlines on groupon.com? That's right! You can find often up to $100 off flights on websites like Cheapoair.  this website can honestly help you book the cheapest airfare anytime of the year as long as you double up with a discount code. Then again, you might find that their airfare is cheaper than any other website out there. When you want to get a flight for even less, you should choose an airline that includes baggage. this especially Rings true for people flying internationally. International flights that do not include baggage often charge you $75 or more for one checked bag.


How To Possibly Get Free Perks

Some friends and I were comparing how we get perks online the other day. We also were comparing how we get perks when it comes to Flying. Many people talked about asking for upgrades and talking to people about what they might have left in terms of good seats. One person honestly said if you don't ask you may not get it. It's worth actually asking. This is all true when it comes to getting the good seat on an airline; however, there is one thing that actually goes a long way when flying…’being nice’. People who work in Airlines and  conservice flights or people flying from various airports are treated horribly every single day. Walking up and simply being nice about everything instead of throwing a fit is your greatest asset. Dang nice to someone who is checking you in can help you get a free upgrade like the exit row. Those seats often go for over $300. Being nice to a stewardess can honestly get you extra drinks, extra snacks, even maybe a glass of wine for free. when you want to save big on flying, you can always do it with Groupon but the best way to get the most perks is to be nice to the people you're a flying with.